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Peter Harms Vies for Southlands Vote

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Peter Harms

With only one day left in the by-election there seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to where the candidates stand on the issues. Especially when it comes to the most talked about and contentious issue in South Delta - The Southlands.

The confusion seems to have been rectified by the opponents to developing the old Spetifore Farmlands. In the most recent issue of the Delta Optimist the community groups, "Southlands the Facts" and "Save our Southlands" took out a half page ad asking that you vote for Sylvia Bishop. This choice isn't as clearly stated for the people who would like to see the development happen. Of all the candidates asking for your vote, only one has come out and clearly put his support behind the Century Group's proposed development plan for the Southlands.

Local Tsawwassen businessman, Peter Harms, has openly supported the development proposal from the onset of his campaign, stating that he thoroughly reviewed the Century Group proposal and believes it's the right development for the community, providing much needed housing for seniors and young families as well as improving the soil quality on parts of the site to bring the land back into agricultural production.

"Southlands is a world class urban plan with integrated habitat aspects where people, land and wildlife, like cranes, ducks and sea birds, will live intimately together, serving, supporting and enjoying each other," said Harms, "I studied the plan that Hodgins developed and coming from Europe, I really enjoy that plan."

The Southlands property has been the most polarizing issue in Tsawwassen for close to three decades. For many it is the only deciding factor in this election. So, if you're casting your vote to prevent development on the Southlands, Sylvia Bishop is your choice.

If you count yourself in the camp that would like to see the Southlands developed, you really have only one choice and that is to Vote for Peter Harms.


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