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Citizens group starts online petition to return Southlands to Agricultural Land Reserve

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BArley Growing on the Southlands

An online petition has been started by local citizens group "Southlands the Facts' to support an application that would see the Southlands back in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) has been circulating around town. The goal of the group is to collect as many signatures as possible to show Delta's City Council that there is strong support to submit an application to return this farmland back to ALR in its entirety and put the controversy that has surrounded the Spetifore Farm to rest once and for all.

"This petition is NOT limited to Tsawwassen residents and will be presented at the public hearing.", says Dana Maslovat one of the organizers for Southlands the Factss, "take 1 minute to sign our petition, send an email to Council, and forward this petition to 10 friends. There may never be a better time to determine the future of the Southlands."


It would seem that many local residents agree with him as the petition begins to pick up steam. But it’s not just locals that have taken an interest in protecting this piece of land. The petition has attracted signatures from around the world.  Michael Campbell from Abu Dhabi signed the petition saying, "Preservation of natural habitat is always a good thing, and there must be viable alternatives."

The Southlands was excluded from the ALR by a provincial order of cabinet back in the early 80’s. Since then, the people of South Delta have been in a stand-off with the development companies that keep trying to develop this land for residential purposes.  If the application to the Agricultural Land Commission is successful and the Southlands is returned to the ALR, this battle that has been waged over the last three decades may finally have a conclusion.


If you wish to add your name to the online petition use this link:

If you want to learn more about the Southlands browse through our articles here:


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