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Reflections in Light of the 100th Annual International Women’s Day

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Happy Women's Day
Rebecca Beaton
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One of the many cool aspects of my new job with the High School Climate Challenge is that I get to train Olympic, Paralympic, and National athletes to give presentations about climate change to High School students. I felt very honoured this past February to be training three amazing female athletes. We all shared in a bonding moment and a laugh when I pointed out the fact that I was STOKED to be training three females.

It’s in these moments, when we recognize our common femininity, that we realize how deeply connected and how powerful we are as women. Our power may be subtle and humble, but women hold such incredible strength that it gives me chills! And our power is emerging more and more all the time.


When I talk of power here, I am not talking of power in the traditional, more masculine, sense of the word. I am not talking about power over others, or domination. I am talking about the power of self, the strength of the will of the individual; the power to love freely, and to surrender openly. I am talking about the power to nurture, to cry, to laugh, and to feel ALL of our emotions fully without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

Powerful women have not simply adapted to taking on the characteristics of men. Instead, powerful women are offering something new to their jobs and their everyday lives: compassionate, multi-faceted, and holistic approaches to the challenges and problems they face. Powerful women are assertive, but not forceful. They are accepting of what life hands them, and capitalize on what they have. Powerful women help others to reach their goals and to find their passions without thinking competitively. Powerful women value the strength of collectivity.

The best part about powerful women is that to them, it’s not about women versus men. It’s about living out their true purpose, and in so doing bringing the feminine back into this world in a way that may be respected and loved. It is not about the body that anyone lives in, it is about bringing the other half of the pie back into the equation so that it can become whole again. We can see some powerful men emerging as well. Powerful women and powerful men alike serve to strike a balance between the masculine and the feminine.  Both value the strengths of masculine characteristics, while also valuing the often forgotten and undervalued strengths of the feminine.

Here is a video I wanted to share by Women Win, addressing gender-based violence through sport. They are helping women to gain confidence, to gain strength, and to recognize their power through sport.

Addressing gender-based violence through sport from WomenWin on Vimeo.


On this International Women’s Day, let’s also not forget those males whose lives are often threatened or made too unbearable to continue living, because they do not conform to the rigid “male” role that has been forced upon them.

Women, we have the power that can never fail because it is within us. Let’s not hold back. Let’s step forward to be the leaders that this world so desperately needs! Lots of love to all women on this wonderful day!


About Rebecca Beaton

Rebecca Beaton is an environmental educator, writer, and lifer.

To find out more about Rebecca Beaton visit her website at --- In the Balance ---