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Reflections in Light of the 100th Annual International Women’s Day

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Happy Women's DayOne of the many cool aspects of my new job with the High School Climate Challenge is that I get to train Olympic, Paralympic, and National athletes to give presentations about climate change to High School students. I felt very honoured this past February to be training three amazing female athletes. We all shared in a bonding moment and a laugh when I pointed out the fact that I was STOKED to be training three females.

Falcon's Follies: Part 2.

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Kevin Falcon with Gordon CampbellBy Laila Yuile - In my previous post I stated that the Gateway initiative and the construction of the SFPR, were crucial to opening up land development south of the Fraser. The new mandate given to BC Rail by former transportation minister Kevin Falcon is certainly assisting this venture.

There have been numerous land deals that have taken place since 2005 that are worthy of a second look - land deals that took place along the very contentious P3 project, the South Fraser Perimeter Road, land swaps that occurred with the Tsawwassen First Nations Treaty and prior agreements, and land purchases made by numbered companies owned by BC Rail.

Falcon’s follies: Gateway,SFPR and the Railgate connection.

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South Fraser Perimeter Road Route

By Laila Yuile - It was a very sunny day in September 2006, when Premier Gordon Campbell arrived for the grand opening of Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus, smack dab in the heart of Whalley. Despite the demands of his busy schedule, Campbell did make time to sit with local reporter, Tom Zytaruk… and what a revealing interview it was, indeed.

Campbell, in town to open the SFU campus on Friday, said his government is concentrating on building up this side of the river to reduce the need for commuting to Vancouver.