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Krista Engelland Declares for Mayoralty Race

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We’re off and running for November’s civic election. A familiar name and a new civic organization are ready to run.

“I am running as the Mayoralty candidate with One Delta, a new civic organization,” five time Councillor KRISTA ENGELLAND announced today.

“I'm running because I firmly believe we need a new direction at city hall. I care deeply about Delta, its people, its history and its land use,” Engelland stated.  “As Mayor I intend to ensure Delta residents have a real say in their community.”

Engelland went on to say, she has a vision and a plan for the community and there are many opportunities that are not being realized.  “People are telling me they feel powerless and need a Mayor who will lead the community.”

“People are encouraging me to run because they feel their concerns are not being heard by this mayor and this council. They are frustrated by a lack of transparent processes and accountability. “

Engelland said her 15 years as a Delta Councillor prepared her for the job as Mayor.  “I know what it takes to run a municipality. Delta needs a full time Mayor who will take a lead for Delta residents and work to achieve what is best for their interests first.”

“There is an opportunity for change this November and I am the right person to be that change.” Engelland is a life-long resident of Delta and has lived in all three communities. Engelland grew up in Ladner, graduating from Delta Senior Secondary.  She and her husband started their family in North Delta and later moved to Tsawwassen. She works at the family business located on River Road.

Signs Signs Everywhere There's Signs

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Delta Election Signs - Ladner Trunk and Highway 17 It has been said that the land in Delta is so fertile that if you stick a toothpick in the ground there will be leaves on it by morning. As the summer break draws to an end, the crop of election signs are starting to fruit. They have been springing up everywhere. A colouful collage of election signs with bold names and catchy slogans to feed Delta voters.

Public Hearing for Southlands ALR Application on March 1st

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Tsawwassen Area Plan Public HearingOn Tuesday, March 1st (7:00 pm, South Delta Recreation Centre) a Public Hearing will be held to determine if Delta Council will prepare an application to include Southlands in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). This decision was made based on a report filed by Delta CAO George Harvie on February 4th, and unanimously approved by Council on February 7th.

Public Shut Out From Basi Virk Trial Details

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BC Rail Was Sold Under Suspicious CircumstancesBy Debbie McBride - After reading a couple of weeks ago that the Crown was reducing the number of witnesses it would present, I predicted that the Basi Virk trial would be coming to an abrupt close. I was correct on that point but I got the reason wrong.

Winner Declared - Delta Free Press Candidate Challenge

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Delta Votes 2010 By-electionSince announcing the candidate challenge, two question gets asked all the time. "Why are you doing this challenge?", and "Isn't endorsing a single candidate biased?"

The answer to the first question is easy. By-elections rarely inspire people to get out and vote. When you add to that, the general malaise of having an election cycle which spans the summer months, you get even less participation. The Delta Free Press Candidate Challenge was our attempt to inject some excitement into this less than exciting by-election and get the public more involved with the candidates.


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